Rules & Guidelines are designed to provide consistency among categories, and to encourage a safe, fair, and enjoyable racing experience for all Racers and Spectators.

Race Rules

  1. A helmet, properly secured, is required for all Racers.
  2. Race course is approximately an 8-11 mile loop of single track, multi-track, and grass. Mileage changes as conditions and CCFPD rules alter the course  CAMBr reserves the right to change the mileage, modify the race course, or delay or suspend the Race, as a result of weather conditions, trail conditions, Racer injury, or Cook County Forest Preserve requirements.
  3. No refunds issued due to weather, trail conditions, or for any other reason.  Your registration fee is gratefully considered a donation to CAMBr's mission to further trail development. Every effort will be made to run the race, rain or shine.  If single track is too wet to ride, Race will be run on multi-track and grass. If weather conditions present a danger to the safety of racers or spectators the race will be canceled. We will attempt to reschedule, but the scope of planning unfortunately will make that difficult.
  4. CAMBr reserves the right to add, delete or combine classes, or age groups, depending on racer turnout, or for any reason.
  5. CAMBr uses, and defers to, USAC rules at If any Rule stated here conflicts with USAC Rules, the Rule stated here supersedes and prevails over USAC Rules.
  6. Official Race Number plate must be displayed on the front of your bike. Only registered Racers may compete.
  7. Race results provided by timing service are final, subject only to Race Official review. Any protest must be registered with a Race Official within 15 minutes of the final racer crossing the finish line.
  8. Racers may not wear, or use on their bike, headphones, personal listening devices, publicly audible sound devices, or anything that interferes with their own, or other Racers’, awareness of their surroundings or other Racers.
  9. No hazardous attachments to bikes are permitted on the Race course, including kickstands. (Reflectors are permitted.)  No bike in unsafe condition may be raced on the course, and CAMBr reserves the right to prevent any Racer from racing with an unsafe bike.
  10. Pre-riding the Race course on Race Day after 9:00 am is not permitted.
  11. Hand-ups and feeding are permitted; however, interference with another Racer during a hand-up is grounds for disqualification. No littering of the Race course permitted, including gel packets, food wrappers or drink bottles.
  12. Repairs may be conducted on the side of the race course (off-trail) as long as safety to other riders is not jeopardized.
  13. Racers should allow faster Racers to pass them.  Racers passing must wait until trail space allows and until passing is safe for other Racers.  Announce your presence as you pass another Racer.  The Racer being passed has the right of way.
  14. Lapped Racers must yield the trail immediately to faster Racers lapping them. Lapped Racers may continue to ride and complete their Race.
  15. Racers may finish the Race by riding, pushing, or carrying a bike that is mechanically impaired, as long as Racer finishes all laps and has not short-cut any of the course.  A racer riding a bike has the right of way over one pushing a bike.  A Racer pushing the bike must make every effort to yield the fastest most rideable part of the trail to Racers on their bikes.
  16. Racers must ride with courtesy at all times.  Unsportsmanlike conduct, use of profanity or flagrant discourtesy directed toward another Racer, Race worker, or spectator, is grounds for disqualification from the Race.  Racers failing to heed instruction of medical personnel or course marshals attending to an injured rider will be disqualified.
  17. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Novice, Sport, Comp & Expert Classes.  Cash Prizes for Expert Class Only; merchandize Prizes for Novice, Sport & Comp. 
  18. Falsification of registration information will result in disqualification of the Racer.
  19. A protest of the results, the conduct of a Racer, or any other Race-related matter, must be reported or filed with a Race Official or CAMBr Race Committee Member within 15 minutes after completion of the Event, or posting of the results or a ruling. All results are final as of the awards presentation, unless any technical error is later discovered.
  20. All Racers will observe Cook County Forest Preserve District rules and regulations, including (but not limited to):  No riding off trail, no presence in Forest Preserve before sunrise or after sunset, no glass bottles in FPD, no littering, always yield the trail to hikers and horses, only park where permitted.
  21. CAMBr reserves the right to change or delete any Rules deemed in the best interest of the Race, or its participants.
  22. The sale or display at the Meltdown Race of merchandise, product or signs, for promotional purposes (including banners, tents, and anything not permanently attached to a Racer’s vehicle), is only permitted by confirmed Race sponsors, or with the permission of CAMBr or its Race Committee.