Volunteer Registration

This is a new volunteer registration.

Direct and help racers as needed, various locations along race course. Knowledge of the Palos trail system and mountain biking is strongly recommended. Course marshalls will need to transport themselves to their assigned locations which could be several miles from volunteer check-in and not accessible by car. As such, course marshalls are advised to bring their bikes and/or hiking shoes so that assigned locations can be easily accessed. Course marshalls will be provided with walkie talkies but are also asked to bring their cellular phones as backup in case contact with the race organizers is required. Course marshalls should plan on checking in with volunteer registration a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of their shift.

9:30am - 10:00am, 10 needed

  1. Baltimore Ortega (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  2. Donna Busching (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  3. Donnie Seals (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  4. Gary Busching (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  5. Julia Stace (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  6. Kevin Schoonhoven
  7. Michael Vittori (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  8. Paul Punchum (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  9. Pussanee Pastorino (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  10. Roger Stace (Elmhurst Bike Club)

  1. Annemarie Tunney
  2. Baltimore Ortega (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  3. Bert Travis (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  4. Colleen Kirchoff (elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  5. Daniel J McCullough (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  6. David Wiseman (Wiseman Frameworks)
  7. Donna Busching (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  8. Donnie Seals (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  9. Donny Achanzar
  10. Elizabeth Kirchoff (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  11. Gary Busching (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  12. George Pastorino (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  13. Homer Coble (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  14. Jennifer J Jones
  15. Julia Stace (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  16. Kevin Schoonhoven
  17. Luis Esparza (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  18. Michael Vittori (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  19. Paul Punchum (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  20. Pussanee Pastorino (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  21. Rich Brown
  22. Roger Stace (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  23. Roger Wollenzien

  1. Annemarie Tunney
  2. Baltimore Ortega (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  3. Bert Travis (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  4. Colleen Tyler (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  5. Daniel J McCullough (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  6. David Wiseman (Wiseman Frameworks)
  7. Donnie Seals (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  8. Donny Achanzar
  9. George Pastorino (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  10. Gerry Castro
  11. Homer Coble (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  12. Jennifer J Jones
  13. Kevin Schoonhoven
  14. Luis Esparza (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  15. Michael Vittori (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  16. Paul Punchum (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  17. Pussanee Pastorino (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  18. Rich Brown
  19. Richard Kurzydlo (Ridgewood Fattys)
  20. Roger Wollenzien

  1. Annemarie Tunney
  2. Colleen Tyler (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  3. Daniel J McCullough (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  4. David Wiseman (Wiseman Frameworks)
  5. Donnie Seals (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  6. George Pastorino (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  7. Gerry Castro
  8. Homer Coble (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  9. Luis Esparza (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  10. Michael Ploskonka (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  11. Paul Punchum (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  12. Pussanee Pastorino (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  13. Richard Kurzydlo (Ridgewood Fattys)
  14. Roger Wollenzien

We need general helpers through out the demo day. This role will be guiding people, answering questions and jus all around gopher work. Basically helping keep the wheels on the wagon.

9:00am - 2:00pm, 2 needed

  1. Becky Lange
  2. Tony Cota

We will be requiring wrist bands given after checking IDs for buying beer tokens.

5:00pm - 8:00pm, 3 needed

  1. Dianna Roberts
  2. Melissa Musick
  3. Peter Nosal

After the beer Garden closes and the band shuts down, we will need help cleaning up the area so we are ready to race in the morning

  1. Richard Kurzydlo (Ridgewood Fattys)

Help setting up the Ticket tents and Beer Garden

7:30am - 9:00am, 3 needed

  1. Jakub Czerwinski (Flatlanders-mtb)
  2. Krzysztof Zoltek (Flatlanders-mtb)
  3. Ryszard Wsol (Flatlanders-mtb)

  1. Tony Cota

In order to demo a bike you have to have wristband. This position will put you in a tent selling wrist bands for the Demo and the Beer Garden.

  1. Darrel Grove

  1. Richard Kurzydlo (Ridgewood Fattys)

Help out at the finish line, misc tasks.

  1. Laura Chmielewski
  2. Peter Nosal

  1. Nancy Fallon-Houle
  2. Tiffany Kasper
  3. William Nealis

The name says it all.

  1. Becky Lange
  2. Bill Turner
  3. Melissa Musick
  4. Michael Angus
  5. Roger Wollenzien
  6. Stephen R. Amann
  7. Tim Johanek
  8. Tony Cota

Collect waivers and hand out race numbers.

8:00am - 11:00am, 8 needed

  1. Andreia Cardoso (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  2. Fredericka Laux
  3. Fredericka Laux, (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  4. Gianfranco V Battista
  5. Karen Kiley ( Elmhurst Bike Club)
  6. Pravin Patel (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  7. Ruth Dover (Elmhurst Bicycle Club)
  8. Shelby Phillips (Comrade Cycles Racing)

  1. Dennis Talkey (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  2. Dennis Talley. (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  3. Nancy Fallon-Houle
  4. Patti Johnson (Elmhurst Bike Club)

Help direct parking traffic.

7:00am - 8:00am, 3 needed

  1. Neil Barnish
  2. Stephen Behling
  3. William Nealis

8:00am - 9:00am, 3 needed

  1. Neil Barnish
  2. Peter Nosal
  3. William Nealis

Help with race course setup and other stuff.

  1. David Mitchell
  2. Davis Johnson (Elmhurst Bike Club)
  3. Eric Alexander
  4. Leslie Suarez
  5. Louis Galvan
  6. Melissa Musick
  7. Nancy Fallon-Houle
  8. Tony Cota
  9. Wayne Onyschuk

Help get the race started.

9:30am - 9:45am, 2 needed

  1. Pete Garces
  2. William Nealis

  1. Gerry Castro
  2. Pete Garces
  3. Peter Nosal
  4. Richard Kurzydlo (Ridgewood Fattys)

  1. Gianfranco V Battista
  2. Pete Garces

  1. Gianfranco V Battista

Help clean things up after the race.

  1. Gianfranco V Battista
  2. Melissa Musick
  3. Michael Shippy
  4. Nancy Fallon-Houle
  5. Neil Barnish
  6. Rich Brown
  7. Tony Cota

Help finish getting things set up for the race.

  1. Eric Alexander
  2. Leslie Suarez
  3. Louis Galvan
  4. Nathan Kozurek
  5. Shelby Phillips (Comrade Cycles Racing)
  6. Tony Cota